Photo tips to make each moment count

You’re the only one who can capture this from your perspective.

Many of us media people won’t be able to pass up a chance to capture our own images of the upcoming solar eclipse.

You’re the only one who can capture your point of view of this event. Make sure you catch the context in your shot!

When you are making your plans, remember that there will be thousands of images of the sun, but the most interesting images will be the ones that include the context. They will be the ones you take from your own unique perspective.

Here are some tips from a professional Eclipse Photographer on how to do this right the first time. After all, there are no do-overs!

How to Photograph an Eclipse

#1: Scout a Location & Plan Composition A Couple Days Ahead

#2: Use a Solar Filter & Glasses to Protect your Eyes & Camera

#3: Learn to Expose and Bracket for the Drastic Light Changes!

#4: Stay Present and Enjoy the Experience!

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